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Our "HERO" Litter of 7 boys & 5 girls whelped 9th May 2020

Please note; we have been absolutely inundated with inquires to the point we are only replying to EMAILS where the sender has offered us some info about their knowledge of the breed, info about themselves and the type of forever home they can offer to one of these babies...

We strive for health and quality over quantity, therefore we dont breed often.



NRC(A) Champion & Austrailan Champion Hustons Majestic Lady ET (Imp NZ)
VI & BIISS under specialist judge Mrs L Mihajlovic (Serbia)




Photo: 02/12/2013



NRC(A) Champion & Austrailan Champion Hustons Majestic Lady ET (Imp NZ)


Completing her Breed Survey in Perth, WA in June 2012
Under renowned breed specialist judge: Josef Mravik (Slo) FCI 

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